Tuesday, October 4, 2011

...And A New Universe Is Formed

Or just a new blog.

Welcome to Born In The Silver Age, a place I hope will be a good, informative read for comic fans, old and new.  In this introductory piece, I'll offer up a look at what brought me to comics, where I presently blog other than here, and what I expect out of this little corner of the comics blogosphere.

I've been reading comics for a very, very long time.  Like the title of the blog says, I was born in 1967 during the Silver Age of Comics, which ran to around 1970.  I can remember reading comics as far back as 1973, immersing myself in the worlds of the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Justice League of America.  My reading skills advanced with adventures written by guys like Stan Lee, Jim Shooter, and Roy Thomas.  My eyes marveled at the power-packed lines drawn by Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and George Tuska.  Comic books were worlds I would never leave.

I do write other blogs geared towards film, most notably my horror genre blog, The WGON Helicopter.  I often wrote about comics over there, but really felt like devoting an entire space to the medium I love so much.  Also keep an eye out for another blog to which I contribute, Cinema-Geek, a place where I was invited to join other horror bloggers to write about non-horror movies.  I have some other guest blogging opportunities down the pike, but I'll mention those more on the WGON Helicopter site.

As this blog begins, there are some ground rules and other tidbits I want to make clear:

*  I'm aware of how opinions can differ in the world of comic fandom.  If you don't like my opinion on something, there are two ways to handle it:  leave a respectful comment expressing your difference of opinion using friendly language with a courteous tip of the hat to my views, or - if you feel the urge to play Angry, Arrogant, and Rude Comic Book Fan - you can find another place to engage in mudslinging, poo-tossing, and other reindeer games of which I want no part.  This is a place to relax, a place to share thoughts on the world of comics, to share information, to say "oh, hey, you should read this"...and ultimately, it's my blog.  I reserve the right to write what I want to write about, to express my opinion on something, and to not approve comments or outright ban someone from leaving comments.  This is the same set of rules I have for my other blog and I'm happy to say there are some really great people who leave comments over there.  To sum up:  play nice at all times.

*  Basically, I tend not to bash things or people here.  I want to write about what I like.  There are plenty of critique sites out there who specialize in reviews that go both ways, positive and negative.  A great deal of them are well-thought-out and well-written.  This is another "Zen Master Dod" site:  positive energy, friends, positive energy all the way.  Unless I want to write about a wrong that needs attention...but I can't think of anything along those lines now.

*  I love reading new stuff.  If you have created a comic you'd like me to check out and review, get a hold of me.  I'd be happy to take a look at it and give an honest opinion about it.  If you want me to read something you enjoy, tell me about it.  Word of mouth is still a great tool in the world of comics.

There will likely be other guidelines, thoughts, and ideas I'll want to share, but to start off, that's good enough for now.  So welcome, dear readers and fellow comic book fans...sit back, relax, and pop open a fresh comic book.

Let's have some fun.

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