Sunday, January 25, 2015

Speaking of Reboots, This Blog Is Back!

Wow, for a while there, I struggled with what I wanted this blog to be.  I paid more attention to its sister blog, The WGON Helicopter, and real life time commitments and the sad demise of my laptop made me push it back even more.  Oh, and I can't forget good, old-fashioned procrastination.

Well, no more.

This blog is back and after thinking about what kind of identity I want it to have, I came to the conclusion that I'll just have to make it whatever identity it wants to be.  There's no way I have the time to make it a news site, but I will comment on news in the comic world.  It won't totally be a review site, but I will review certain books that capture my interest.  If I can swing interviews or in-depth looks at books or the industry, I'll go for it.  I have a few friends in the business and it might be fun to showcase their talents here.

What I will definitely write about is, well, writing.  I've been piecing together scripts for a long time, hindered only by my own criticisms of my work.  I have supportive friends and family, so I'm really my own worst enemy.  I will spotlight my journey from scribbled notes to - if everything goes right - published writer.  Not like I'll provide minute details of plots, characters, etc., but I might write about how I'm struggling with a scene or how a character will develop.

You might find it interesting.  You might not.  All I know is that my cure for not writing is writing.

So I hope you tune in every so often to check out my progress, my words, and my ramblings.

Until next time!

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